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The diamond planet

Attention DeBeers and other diamond miners. There’s a planet out there made entirely of diamonds just waiting to be plundered. There’s only one problem though it’s 4,000 light years away.  Astronomically speaking it is right in our back yard.  It’s … Continue reading

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Time for a shower

By Mario Car Long before the invention of gunpowder, nature had its own fireworks. The Perseids meteor shower will once again put on a spectacular fireworks display as glowing falling debris burning in the atmosphere crisscross the night sky as … Continue reading

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A solar storm brewing

The weather out there is frightening and there is a solar storm brewing. Solar blasts and flares known as coronal mass ejections are sending charged particles earthward are causing havoc to the weather in the solar system. It makes a tornado look like a family picnic. These … Continue reading

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