How to create a summer music festival

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From the dark coldness of interstellar space, the creation of a music festival seems highly unlikely.

Every year, I volunteer for Burlington’s Sound of Music Festival. As I listen to the music and feel the warmth of the sun, it dawns on me that the chances of creating a festival from the beginning of the universe seems slim.

First, interstellar gas has to coalesce to create a star to burn at the right size and right temperature. The star must also have a planet orbiting it at the right distance to provide the right temperature to incubate life.

Then the planet must also have the right chemistry to support life. From there, life and a creature like humans have to evolve. From there, the creatures have to invent music, and presto a music festival is born.

Amazingly, the whole process on Earth only took 13.7 billion years from the beginning of the universe. Initially, you might think that’s an incredible amount of time to wait for a festival. However, it happened.

Cosmology suggests that other universes may exist. If there are infinite universes and each universe exists for trillions of years, then there could be infinite combinations for anything to happen. The odds of anything to happen may not be unlikely as we may suspect. In fact, the odds may be close to 100 per cent.

So a music festival or anything else for that matter, beyond our imaginations could exist within the realm of reality.

Think about it. Anything can happen.


About Mario Carr

Mario Carr has a Physics degree from McMaster University and hosts this blog. He is the director of publicity for the Hamilton Amateur Astronomers and has helped to raise the profile of the group. He writes an astronomy column and appeared on CHCH-TV to talk about the night sky. Mario is the founder of the Carr Marketing Group in Burlington, Ontario and can help with your marketing, communications, publicity and public relations needs. He can be reached at or
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