May 2011 Astronomy Crossword Contest

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Submit your answer to the eight down clue in this month’s crossword puzzle to Show May Crossword Contest in the subject line of the email for your chance to win! The winner will be announced next month.

Good luck


1.     This comet is responsible for May’s Eta Aquarids meteor shower.

4.     On May 11 there will be a conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and this planet in the morning sky?

7.     During May, this planet is high in the southern sky during late evening setting near dawn.

11.   I Eat Green Caterpillars is a good way to remember the four large moons of Jupiter. What does Caterpillars stand for?

14.   On May 24, 1543 this astronomer who suggested the heliocentric theory dies.

15.   On May 1, 1949 he discovered Nereid orbiting Neptune.


2.     May 7 is this day?

3.     This Canadian comet hunter was born May 22, 1948 in Montreal.

4.     On May 31 the crescent moon nears Mercury, Venus and this planet in morning twilight.

5.     On May 10 around 1 a.m. bright moon crater walls contrasting dark surfaces create this effect known as the the Lunar . . .

6.     This observatory opened May 31, 1935.

8.     An orange yellow star in Bootes. (Submit your answer to this clue to Show May Crossword Contest in the subject line of the email for your chance to win. Good luck)

9.     The full moon on May 17 is also known as this type of moon?

10.   On May 24 this planet will be 5 degrees from the last quarter moon.

12.   A bluish star in Virgo.

13.   During May, this planet rises around 4 a.m.


About Mario Carr

Mario Carr has a Physics degree from McMaster University and hosts this blog. He is the director of publicity for the Hamilton Amateur Astronomers and has helped to raise the profile of the group. He writes an astronomy column and appeared on CHCH-TV to talk about the night sky. Mario is the founder of the Carr Marketing Group in Burlington, Ontario and can help with your marketing, communications, publicity and public relations needs. He can be reached at or
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