April astronomy crossword


1.     Deployed by Discovery on April 25, 1990

3.     April’s meteor shower

5.     Roaring high in the sky

7.     First human in space 50 years ago

9.     On April 30 this planet is very close to Jupiter

10.   On April 17 this is the name of the full moon

12.   On April 2 the moon will be furthest from the Earth this year or at

13.   Low in the east during April’s morning twilight

14.   Born April 28, 1928


1.     Born April 14, 1629

2.     First launched April 12, 1981

4.     On April 3 this planet is at opposition

6.     Moon phase on April 24

8.     Difficult to see before month’s end

11.   Some Brown Dwarfs could be as warm as a cup of

Let me know how you’ve done. If you need the anwers, I will post them in about a week.

Good luck.



About Mario Carr

Mario Carr has a Physics degree from McMaster University and hosts this blog. He is the director of publicity for the Hamilton Amateur Astronomers and has helped to raise the profile of the group. He writes an astronomy column and appeared on CHCH-TV to talk about the night sky. Mario is the founder of the Carr Marketing Group in Burlington, Ontario and can help with your marketing, communications, publicity and public relations needs. He can be reached at www.carrmarketinggroup.com or mariocarr@cogeco.ca.
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