How to improve your vision

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Recently, I learned something disturbing. 

Our eyes are only designed to last for 40 years. After that it’s all down hill.

It would seem that it’s a little discouraging, especially if you’re over 50 and an amateur astronomer. However, there is something that you can do to protect the vision you have.

At a recent meeting of the Hamilton Amateur Astronomers, optometry professor Ralph Chou from the University of Waterloo offered some hope.

Vision declines with age. Hopefully, you won’t loose your vision before you die but it’s a constant battle. So the number one way of keeping your vision is through prevention.

Ultraviolet light from the sun is not only deadly to skin, but can also cause poor vision. So you should limit your exposure to the sun as much as you can.

Ultraviolet light is cumulative, and it has been estimated that we get 50 per cent of our exposure to it in our teenage years. The nice dark tan may look good at the time, but may lead to skin cancer and blindness as we age.

The materials that new glasses are made of offer some protection. Good sunglasses are probably a good idea.

High blood pressure and diabetes can also lead to blindness by destroying the retina at the back of the eye. So it’s important to keep fit and active to avoid these problems.

That means controlling your weight, exercising and eating right like lots of vegetables. Vitamin A apparently is also good for your eyes but if you’re a smoker be careful. If you smoke and take vitamin A, you may have a higher chance at getting lung cancer.

If you practice prevention and seeing your optometrist at least once every two years, more if there are complications like diabetes, you’ll have a better chance at keeping your vision.

So, I hope I’ve inspired some people to think seriously about their vision because they’re truly one of the best miracles of life. I don’t know what life would be without them.


About Mario Carr

Mario Carr has a Physics degree from McMaster University and hosts this blog. He is the director of publicity for the Hamilton Amateur Astronomers and has helped to raise the profile of the group. He writes an astronomy column and appeared on CHCH-TV to talk about the night sky. Mario is the founder of the Carr Marketing Group in Burlington, Ontario and can help with your marketing, communications, publicity and public relations needs. He can be reached at or
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5 Responses to How to improve your vision

  1. classyrose says:

    Good post Mario. I started wearing my prescription sunglasses all the time several years ago. Regular glasses are rarely on my face. My mother had macular degeneration so I am well aware of the dangers but I hate to say I am overdue for a checkup. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

    My visit to your blog is part of my blog challenge this week.

    I’m sending out a challenge to bloggers in the WordPress challenge to take part in The RandomBlog2011 Challenge. You can read more about it in my post:

    I do hope you will think about joining the challenge. 🙂

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  3. barb19 says:

    Great post Mario. I have worn prescription glasses for 40 years now, and I have to wear them all the time; I also have prescription sunglasses. Other than that my eyes are healthy.
    I practice prevention by seeing my Optometrist once every two years when he checks me for the usual eye diseases that seem to occur as we age. Early detection of the onset of some diseases could save your life.

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